Since about the 30 week mark in my pregnancy I have practically lived in these jeans.  Not only do they match my pre-pregnancy style, but with the Secret Fit Belly, Spandex-like component that folds over your belly versus sitting underneath it they are incredibly comfortable.  So far their structure has held up great and in the last few months there seems to have been minimal color-fading.  If you're starting to need to add a pair of pregnancy jeans to your repertoire, then I would highly recommend these pants.

So why did I label them with a "proceed with caution" rating?  While so far I haven't had any major issues with these pants, I'm sad to say that the quality of the fabric and the construction just doesn't seem to match what can be observed of my normal non-pregnancy jeans.  The denim fabric is thinner, seems weaker, and while it still seems to be holding up fine, the Spandex-like material of the Secret Fit Belly seems to be getting weaker each time I wear and wash it.

So same lesson learned here as applies to the rest of my pregnancy wardrobe: go as long as you can in your normal clothes, using waist expanders if you can stand them, and try to invest as best you can in pregnancy-specific items as needed.  However, proceed with caution and just don't expect to find the same quality as you might usually find.

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.