Alana Dillette

Doctoral Candidate, Hotel and Restaurant Management | Auburn University | Auburn, AL

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Alana is a native Bahamian and self-proclaimed Island Princess, who grew up on the beautiful Island of Grand Bahama. Spending her younger days as a beach bum extraordinaire and a developing professional swimmer, she is well-versed with what it takes to live in swimsuits, tank tops, flip flops and old jeans… until she decided to pursue her Doctorate degree that is. Alana now leads a full schedule of research and teaching at Auburn University where she strives to lead a balanced existence between life as a 26-year-old, her new passion for yoga, and working towards a professional career in the academic world.  From her you can expect to find a wide array of advice from this multifaceted woman who wears many different hats. 

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Recipe of the Day: Strawberry Quinoa Salad

Recipe of the Day: Strawberry Quinoa Salad