Alex & Ani Gold Bangles ($21-$40)

Rating: Trust It!

There are few things in my fashion repertoire I rely on more than these bangles.  Just like many of my most reliable pieces, I came upon my pair of gold Alex & Ani bracelets by pure coincidence (given as a gift by my fashionable grandmother) and in the past five years that I've had them, there is rarely a day that I take them off.  Not only has their structure remained intact, but there has been minimal changes in the color and quality of the gold.  Score!

The expandable and shrinkable nature of these pieces makes it perfect for people like me with small wrists, whereas other bracelets would slink right off my arm.  Just for good measure, and because I hate having the feeling that something might be slipping off me in the slightest, I often pair my two bangles with a watch to match; thus, resulting in the perfectly simple "arm party" and a great everyday minimal look.

They come in a variety of gold plates and fills, so you can get the look while fitting them to your lifestyle and budget.  They can be made to be plain and minimal (like mine) or they can be customized with with a wide array of charms to fit your style.  Plus, we love how the Alex and Ani products are eco-friendly and made in America.  Could these bracelets be any more perfect? 

.... as worn by Katherine Hanson.