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Allegra High Wedge Sandal by Camper ($185)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

 What girl isn't perpetually on the hunt for every-day heels that are both stylish and comfortable? I was thrilled to run across this pair of Camper wedges earlier this year at American Rag in Los Angeles.  As soon as I got them I began wearing them everywhere, with everything - jeans, dresses, jumpers, black coated denim - and at all times of day and night.

The good: They really do go with everything. They are truly, unbelievably comfortable. I have taken pretty long walks in them, worked on my feet for nine hours at a time in them, and worn them for several days in a row, all without a single blister or uncomfortable patch.  This alone is a minor miracle, as my funny feet generally tend to find problems with any shoe they encounter. What's more, they reliably get loads of compliments every time I go out in them. Other girls recognize what I did when I first saw them - comfort mixed with good, versatile styling.

The bad: The suede foot bed, as the thing that offers comfort, also still wears like suede. I wish I would have given them a good spray with suede protector before I wore them the first time. Although this hasn't developed into a massive problem, there are some signs of wear and I'm a bit more careful in them than I was at first.  The wooden heel, though light and stylish, does scratch easily if you’re not careful (and I tend not to be - I'd rather focus on the conversation than the terrain). These two things stand to make the shoe wear into a casual-or-daytime-only option if you're not mindful.

Overall: I'd highly recommend this shoe or any of the others in the line, assuming you're happy to pay just a little attention to what's going on down around your feet and do a little work to protect them before wearing.

... as worn by Jennifer Holmes.