The Baekgaard LTD Periwinkle Clutch Purse & Wallet ($65)

Rating: Trust It

I happily came into the possession of this wallet thanks again to the lovely ladies at the frock boutique in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2009, and I have not stopped using it as my everyday wallet since. Four years and tons of abuse later, its as solid as the day I purchased it. Save for the few scrapes showing on the silver hardware, it shows almost no sign of wear and tear. Its versatility is an added bonus, as it can easily go from a wallet in your purse to a clutch with your evening outfit. 

So when I went online to research this brand further to spread the word about this designer of seemingly invincible line of wallets, I couldn't find any information about the company or its website. After further digging, I came to find that the company had since closed and ceased production in a tragic turn of events:

Peer Baekgaard, the founder and designer of Baekgaard LTD, was originally a designer of men's wallets and eventually began designing women's accessories and handbags. He was married to Barbara Bradley Baekgaard , one of the founders of the women's accessory line Vera Bradley. When Baekgaard passed away suddenly in 2007, Barbara assumed the leadership role in her late husband's company. Unable to confidently support both endeavors, Barbara closed the company in 2011. 

So my friends, unless you can find these wallets on eBay, Amazon, or at a second-hand store, it seems that these are off the market for the time being. However, I must praise and acknowledge the fine standard of craftsmanship and design that Peer Baekgaard put forth in his lifetime into his designs. He made the life of this woman just a little bit brighter with the quality of his products.

Read a little more about this dearly departed company here:

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.