Beautycounter Routine Clean Cream Cleanser ($24)

Rating: Trust It!

In the last few years, my body (and hence my skin) has been through a lot of changes.  Something about hitting my mid-twenties sent my skin into oil-producing hyperdrive.  Then becoming pregnant last year surely didn't do anything to calm down the cycle of unpredictability, as did the ensuing postpartum hormone fluctuations.  Finding a face cleansing product that could keep up, and that was also free of my obstetrician's list of no-no ingredients, was a next to impossible challenge.  

Recently, my new friend (and fellow shetrusts contributor) Sydney Armistead suggested I give Beautycounter a try, and she introduced me to this wonderful new personal care company that aims to create safe and effective personal care products (face wash, lotions, cosmetics, etc.) for women and their families.  And by doing so, they formulate all of their products without "parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, SLS or secrets".  How can that not be a good thing when talking about skincare?

To help me address my skin woes, Sydney (who is also a consultant for the company) sent over Beautycounter's Routine Clean Cream Cleanser for me to try.  Despite the honest list of ingredients, I was skeptical.  For one, it contained ingredients such as coconut oil and other essential oils.  Now for as long as I could remember, I had always been told to never use any kind of skin product that contained oil.  In fact, if it didn't say those precious words, oil free, I would skip right over it.  Because, as the old school way of thinking goes, using a product with oil would only worsen the problem if you have complex combination skin like me.

However, as I soon learned, sometimes it is more effective to fight fire with fire, so to speak.  I have been nothing short of impressed with the Routine Clean Cream Cleanser's effectiveness.  It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed, and more importantly, never "over dried" like some other cleansers with more harsh (and oil free) ingredients.  And it has done a great job of keeping the oil production on my face under control.  No more grease face for me!  All in all, it has worked more effectively than any other face wash I have tried before.

And the best part is, I can trust that it is free of the long list of toxic ingredients that I've come to learn (thanks to Beautycounter's educative materials) we unknowingly use on our skin everyday.  While the price is about $10 more than your average drug store products, its significantly lower than its fellow high-end contemporaries that I was using previously.  Finally!... A skincare brand that has realized that price is just as important to its consumers as its safety and effectiveness.  Now I just need to clean up the rest of the components of my beauty routine... 


... as used by Katherine Hanson.