KidsCounter Squeaky Clean Body Wash, by BEAUTYCOUNTER ($16)

Rating: Trust It!

So my baby Reese and I were sailing along just fine with our Aveeno and Johnson's baby shampoos... and then my friend (and fellow shetrusts contributor) Sydney introduced me to the goodness of the Beautycounter products, all of which are created without the hundreds of toxic chemicals that are otherwise commonly found in other personal care products in stores today.  Now, I have fretted and obsessed over every little thing that touches my baby boy's body and what goes into his mouth (within reason of course).  So when it was brought to my attention that the baby shampoos that I thought were "safe" turned out not to be (thanks to a quick ingredients list comparison), I had to make the switch to a safer (and better!) product.  Suffice to say, "tear fee" doesn't necessarily mean "toxin free".

While at six months my baby cannot accurately give his verbal approval, I'm happy to have made the switch to this all inclusive, head-to-toe body wash for his nightly bath times.  It is a little bit thinner than other baby bath products I've used before, but a little goes a long way.  And because I can't always control where the soap goes on my boy's precious little face, I can rest easy knowing that it is tear-free.  Plus, the essential oils give the wash a very light, pleasant and natural-smelling scent. 

So thanks Beautycounter for thinking of our little ones too, and for making bath time a little bit better!


... as used by Katherine Hanson.