Side Panel Striped Long Leggings, Beyond Yoga ($88)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

Before starting to get “serious” about my yoga practice, I never understood the ridiculous prices of yoga pants, especially when I could buy them from TJMAXX for $19.99. Like I said, that was BEFORE I actually started practicing yoga. After I realized that it was a little annoying to adjust my pants every five seconds to make sure my thong underwear wasn’t peeking outside my pants, I decided to make the big plunge… My first purchase being a pair of Beyond Yoga's “Side Panel Striped Long Legging”.  Luckily I have Amazon Prime and got these for $66, with free two-day shipping to top it off. 

So here is my review… and its my advice that you proceed with caution! These pants are extremely comfortable, super cute and hug you in all the right places, the waist does not move so there is not much readjusting during your practice.  But here’s the big downfall: they are slightly sheer in the butt! Not so much when you're standing up, or even in Downward Dog, but when you get into a deep Child's Pose or Happy Baby Pose, just know that you might be letting a little more into the world than you planned.

Overall, I am still happy with the pants, and to be honest I will probably buy another pair sometime in the future. They have great colors and they feel amazing when you put them on, and my solution to the slightly sheer fabric is just to make sure I wear my most covering undergarments.

... as worn by Alana Dillette.