BleuLab Detour Legging Jeans ($180)

Rating: Empty Promises

These jeans might cause a hybrid rating to be created, somewhere in between Empty Promises and Cheap Thrills, as these pants fill a unique niche in your wardrobe you never may have thought of before (reversible pants anyone?) that are quite pricey for what they are.

But suffice to say these jeans were an interesting find for me when I saw them on sale for $50 at a local boutique.  I mean, who doesn't need reversible pants in their repertoire?  I certainly thought so.  So up I snatched them.

The outer layer (shown above) is an interesting texture that almost resembles leather and has quite a sexy look (again, another pair of pants I can add to the list of things that help boost the appearance of my pancake backside).  But it only lasts so long before this "texturized" fabric begins to wear off, especially in the high-friction areas like the crotch and inner thighs, and the orange hue of the leopard print on the other side begins to show through.  Also, wearing these pants with the outer brown layer on the inside is quite uncomfortable and only encourages the wearing away of the material.

Nevertheless, I still love wearing these pants but now I avoid wearing them in the daytime and save them for my evenings out when the wear isn't so noticeable.  But I know in the next few months these pants will wear out for good, and my high from this kind of sugar-rush will be long gone. 

.... as worn by Katherine Hanson