Bobi Light Weight Jersey V-Neck Pocket Tee ($39)

Bobi Light Weight Jersey V Neck Pocket Tee in White

Rating: Trust It!

I'm in love with these tee shirts. To me, they are the perfect tee.  Why? Let me break it down for you:

1.  The Shape - longer in the front and the back and shorter on the sides.  Allows for not only a more versatile look but is quite comfortable for a variety of waistlines.

2.  The Cut -  this tee has a flattering neckline that doesn't allow your bra to peek out (and believe me, I've been wearing some big ones these days).

3.  The Composition - this shirt is made of 100% cotton so you know its soft.  Also, the quality of the fabric is something you can count on.  I've washed it numerous times and it looks near brand new, with its structure retaining nicely.

4.  The Price - as you can afford to buy a few more of them.  Knowing that I can get my version of "the perfect tee" for $39 (and probably on sale if I look in the right places) will ensure that I never think again about joining the $100 tee shirt craze.