Caslon Shirred V-Neck Tee, Nordstrom ($29 or Two for $40)

Rating: Trust It!

Move over James Perse, these tees from Nordstrom's in-house brand Caslon has you beat.  Not only do they match some of the beloved James Perse tees style but also run par with their quality.  And at two for $40, there really isn't much to argue.

I came across these tees from Caslon during a last-minute run to Nordstrom while en route to a family beach vacation last summer.  I tried on a few James Perse tees that I Ioved, but couldn't quite get over the sticker shock enough to seal the deal.  Then one of the sales associates suggested I try another brand, saying they look almost identical to the Perse tees but cost half the price.  She led me over to the Caslon rack and as it turned out she was 100% correct.  So I snatched up a few (one of each in black and white) and I was on my way!

A great dualistic feature of these tees is that the shirring or "ruching" down the sides allows for a comfortable yet form-fitting look (which I most certainly sported for the remainder of the summer) but this feature has also enabled these tees to be one of my go-to's during my pregnancy.  With their forgiving composition, I'm confident that I will be able to wear them all the way through my 40 weeks and keep on relying on them way after the baby is born.  Its such a great feeling to discover that these tees were something that I could trust to be of substance and to carry me through and back one of the biggest life changes.

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.