Chevron Chain Halter Dress, Milly of New York ($347)

Rating: Trust It!

I’ve recently hit that age where everyone I know is getting married – good thing I’ve got my Milly dress! This has become my go-to dress for weddings and has seen an embarrassing amount of wear (luckily at weddings involving different circles of friends). It’s been through loads of crazy dancing, cake eating, photo-boothing, drink-spillage, and even witnessed a small fire at a rehearsal dinner (no damage done, phew)! I try to get it dry-cleaned after each wear, depending on how raucous the wedding, and am pleased with how shiny and new it still looks. Ever the last minute outfit planner, I am grateful that this dress makes formal wear a no brainer! At the rate it’s going, this dress will make the rounds of ALL my friends’ weddings, I’m just hoping people won’t start noticing the redundancy of my attire!

... as worn by Katherine Caldwell.