Hutton Jeans by Citizens of Humanity ($179)

Rating: Trust It!

So I'm not much of a jeans-whore.  Well, maybe a little.  But the stars were aligned one day when I was perusing the sale rack at my local Anthropologie when I found this beautiful pair on sale for $50 (!!).  Never one to pass up a good looking, dark pair at such a good price (especially for Citizens of Humanity), I snatched them up and absconded off to the dressing room.  In trying them on, I was expecting to really like them but as it always goes with me a designer jeans, anticipating that they would insanely long in length and thus in need of a good hem job ( = more money I gotta spend), which never fails to take the wind out of my sails (By the way - at 5'6" I'm above average height for a woman; who do they think they are making these jeans for? Glamazons?)  But to my delight and surprise, the jeans were perfect in length: they hit that sweet spot in being long enough to wear with heels but short enough so that they don't drag on the ground.  Score! 

The quality of these pants is something to shout from the rooftops as well.  Over the last year that I've owned these jeans they've really retained their color and structure, and I've worn them in a variety of situations in which any form of lesser quality would have been made apparent.  These jeans are a pair that I trust to hang with me in almost all situations (well, maybe not all but you get my drift).

So thank you, Citizens of Humanity, for thinking of the majority of us ladies who are not seven feet tall and for making a pair of jeans with quality we can rely on.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.