Clearly Chamomile Facial Soap from Essence of the Heart ($7)

Rating: Trust It!

So, here’s a bombshell for you: My. Skin. Is. Not. Perfect.

 No, way…neither is yours?! You mean we’re, like, actually normal people? Shocker. 

Clearly Chamomile.jpg

Now that we’ve bonded over this dirty little secret, let’s talk about how utterly infuriating it can be. Popping pimples. Sizing up pores. Hiding under layers of make-up. Wondering, for the millionth time, why airbrush tools aren’t sold on the cosmetic aisle. Rough life, huh?

I’ll come clean: That was so me, on and off, for the past few years.

 Until recently, that is. 

 My skin struggle finally met its match about a month ago, when I discovered all-natural Clearly Chamomile Soap at a downtown farmer’s market in Southwest Florida. Intrigued by the product’s claim of being non-GMO, chemical-free and completely organic, I decided to buy a soap bar for myself.

After all, I reasoned, Even if it doesn’t work…you can’t beat $7!

But it did work. And fast. Within the first 5 applications, I began to notice results. After just a couple weeks of washing my face, twice daily, with Clearly Chamomile, the pay-off was drastic. Current blemishes healed. Scarring from previous blemishes faded and, eventually, disappeared. My skin felt touchably smooth and exfoliated. If I was in a Proactiv commercial, I might’ve even used the word “glowing”. (But, this cleanser is better than Proactiv, and I’m *sigh* not a paid spokesperson, so you can trust me!)

Since stumbling upon this product, I’m become a Clearly Chamomile convert. This facial cleanser is all I use now. No more harsh sulfides or ingredients I can’t pronounce. Just a clear complexion that speaks for itself.  

Oh, and the soap is also made with LOVE. True story. It says so, right on the package. Well, that and essential oils extracted from the lavender and chamomile plants. So, you’re basically treating your face to aromatherapy every time you wash! 

I’m fortunate to live only a couple blocks away from the farmer’s market where this little skincare miracle is sold; however, non-locals need not despair. The all-natural manufacturers, Essence of the Heart, ship their products nationwide via their shop on Etsy.

So, do your complexion (and self-confidence!) a favor by snagging your own bar of Clearly Chamomile acne-fighting amazingness.

... as used by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer.