Easy Does It Flats from Chinese Laundry ($59.99)

Rating: Cheap Thrills

I've only had these flats for two weeks and have worn these flats for a grand total of five times, but I'm already sure of my opinion.  These shoes from Chinese Laundry are adorable and are super fun to wear, but don't count on being able to wear them for very long.  

After the first few times that I've sported them on my feet, I've already noticed tearing of the suede material on the back of the shoe that, as best as I can tell, is caused by the back of the shoe hitting the ground when walking that the heel doesn't protect.  Also, the rubber heel has already begun to wear away significantly.

So ladies, judging by the quality of these shoes exhibited in the first two week of ownership, my advice is to purchase on sale and to have low expectations for how long you'll be able to wear these proudly.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.