14k Gold Filled Necklace with Paloma Grey Moonstone Rondelles by Emma Jane Designs ($45)

Rating: Trust It!

I've been a fan of this lovely lady's jewelry for quite some time, and I was happy to have the opportunity to review one of her necklaces.  Its no secret that I'm a sucker for minimalist pieces of jewelry in neutral color tones, which instantly qualified this new piece from Emma's collection to be one of my daily go-to's (that is a pretty exclusive club to belong to).  Some people may find the grey + gold combination to be unusual, like one of those "don't wear white after Labor Day" types of rules.  But not me.  If anything, it streamlines my morning routine.  There are no more "gold vs. silver" accessory debates when I'm wearing this necklace as the grey softens the blending from silver to gold.

Thankfully the positive attributes of this necklace aren't just skin deep.  The gold fill ensures a lasting gold luster; Emma's commitment to quality is evident in the security of the hardware and construction of the necklace.  My only complaint is the small size of the clasp makes it a bit tricky to put it on, but that could also be thanks to the loss of my fine-motor dexterity that seems to have occurred during my pregnancy.  Having had the pleasure of owning one of Emma's handcrafted pieces, I can see why she was named to the exclusive Southern Makers list for 2014, which culminates in an annual festival on May 3rd this year.

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.