Clutch from Elizabeth and James (approximately $200)

Rating: Trust It!

If there's anything I can trust that the Olsen Twins know, its luxury. Enter a sweet present from my boyfriend who got me a cute clutch from their collection. The tan leather, gold hardware, and well-made zipper made the surprise treat all the much better.  Let it be known that I'm not the kind of girl to collect bags (I used to a lot when I was in high school and had money, versus now in the workforce/post-grad life which equals like no money) and in fact, I dread "needing" a new bag for an occasion because I hate that I can't really look beyond the quality of those eager-to-please "fast fashion" lines (and therefore force myself to opt out). 

My point? It takes a lot for a bag to check off everything on my mental list for me to be able to keep it and sing its praises: (1) It should be well made (2) Comprised of materials that can last (3) And must be able to last more than one season. The more seasons the better. This Elizabeth and James clutch ticks off all three (and maybe even more as its simplicity evokes the same power as a piece from The Row). When I opened the box, the innate smell of leather overwhelmed me (in a good way) and the hardware all had a great weight to it.  Check, check, and check!

This piece will definitely last in my wardrobe and I'm excited to think that my boyfriend has the same kind of lasting power too.

... as worn by Aimee Laurel.