Women's Crew Neck Tee by Everlane ($15)

Rating: Trust It! 

Add this to your list of quality tees and trust it!  Everlane just keeps on performing.  And this tee (which I have in navy blue as pictured), despite nearly living in it for about two weeks straight, avoided the most common tee shirt pitfalls of showing premature wear and little holes that appear around the lower-waist area.  And, upon inspecting it after its first wash and (sharp inhale!) machine-dry, the appearance of the fabric remained like new and the shrinkage was light (and pretty much reversible upon wearing).  

Transparency in their production methods is one of their core philosophies, and they really seem to be walking the walk.  See in detail how they are able to produce such high-quality goods at a fair price via their website here

Now the real test of their tees will be to see how the white tees hold up (every girl's tedious fashion indulgence).  Stay tuned!

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.