Everlane Women’s French Terry Sweatshirt in Graphite ($40)

Rating: Trust It!

When I first received this long sleeve shirt for Christmas, I could not believe how soft it was (and not in that cheap, fleece-y sort of way). This is a soft, but hearty fabric with soul.

It’s a casual cut, but the micro French terry fabric makes it appropriate to pretty much wear anywhere. I’ve worn this top out to dinner. I’ve worn it as an early morning workout top. I’ve also worn it as pajamas. I have lived in this top for the past three months. Don’t worry, I washed it.

As usual, I’ve been very careful to follow the suggested cleaning instructions. After the fourth wash, I was a little concerned when I started to see a slight loss of the smooth, soft nature of the fabric. However, since then, there have been no further signs of aging. I’m ready to add another color to my wardrobe and I think you should too.

Side note: While Everlane calls this article of clothing a sweatshirt, I’d describe it as more of a thick long sleeve shirt with a relaxed fit.

... as worn by Alessandra Horri.