Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans, Laguna Wash 

Rating: Trust It!

(retail for $69.95, purchased on sale for $49.50) 

I purchased these jeans in the mad-dash Holiday rush when it seemed that Gap had everything they could possibly sell on discount. I needed some new skinnies and I accidentally picked up the Ankle length in my size on my way to the dressing room. Best mistake ever!! 

I have one of those body types where my legs tend to be on the shorter side and I've had to come to grips with the fact that the bottoms of most skinny jeans just bunch up at my ankles (or drag on the floor, yuck!). While the bottom of these pants sit right at the top of my ankle, its barely noticeable and quite frankly I don't mind. I'm just happy to have that extra material I'm used to having around my ankles gone. This experience I'm having with the ankle cut is I guess what they are now trying to accomplish by their new "skimmers" line. But judging by my experience with these, I guess I should just buy the "skimmers" when I'm looking for full-length jeans.

Plus, most Gap jeans make my butt look like a deflated pancake, but they must have sprinkled magic fairy dust on this design because these jeans actually make me look like I've got something resembling a nice, round backside. So all in all, this cut was perfect for my shape. 

The durability of the denim and the color is something to rave about as well. This is going to sound disgusting and like I have no clothes, but I've basically lived in these pants since I bought them in mid-December 2012. The stretch gives you some breathing room but they stay tight to your body, so when you're trying to bust a move at work they will move with you. I've washed them a handful of times (inside out for both wash and dry) and the color has impressively stayed put. My only complaint is that after a few weeks they tend to become a bit loose, but I let it be my indicator that its time to stop being weird, to wash the damn jeans and put a few of my other pants back into rotation. 

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.