Fold-over Clutch by Graf & Lantz ($139)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

I'm not a fan of very specific, over-stylized fashion accessories.  Frankly, I find them to be very limiting.  Which in part is to blame for my obsession with this clutch by up-and-coming Angeleno designers Graf & Lantz.  I've been quite impressed with its simple and sturdy structure, and the neutral yet varying colors; its almost something you could see minimalist master Carl Andre himself carrying in his repertoire. 

Yet, even the prettiest rose has its thorns.  The grey side of this clutch shows wear extremely early on.  Some may attribute this to the elegant "aging" of the leather, but honestly the way that it reveals itself its too distracting for me to chalk it up as a part of its "charming" personality. Also, the interior of the bag has begun to "shed" itself all over my things on the inside, which is just simply an annoying characteristics. that I've found tends to happen with unlined leather bags.

All in all, its a great bag, I've loved owning it and I know I'll have it for many years to come.  If this bag is also for you, just get to know its fault lines before you take the plunge. 

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.