Groceries Lazy T ($78)

Ratings: Trust It!

Another great find from one of my favorite places, Out of Hand.  And a do-gooder brand that I would have never known about if it weren't for their sale racked that I pillaged.  Now, $78 is way too much to pay for a lightweight long-sleeve tee like this, but at the 60% off discount I thought it well worth my while.  And I'm glad it was.  It provides the comfort that a long-sleeve tee is known for but its lightweight nature keeps you cool for those in-between cool and warm days of early fall.  I've loved wearing mine (which I found in white) paired with my chartreuse yoga jeans, with my favorite sandals or flats depending on the weather.  For a tee made with this light of a fabric (which is made of a fabric consisting of wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, called lyocell), it is surprising durable and sturdy.  I know I can trust my Groceries tee to handle even my most demanding days.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.