These thongs are the best for when you need something a little frilly and fancy, but still want a pair of panties that are actually comfortable to wear when you're not (under) dressing to impress.  Over the last year I've purchased a handful of these to have a few pairs to dress up my underwear drawer.  Its their appealing, lacy texture that encouraged me to purchase my pair, but its their wearability, comfort and durability that keeps me buying more in a variety of colors and prints.

So why proceed with caution, you ask?  Over time, they begin to fray slightly when you are lazy and opt not to air dry them.  But in no way is the breakdown in structure reminiscent of other underwear brands that I've experienced and in a much less amount of time.  Other than that, all I can say is that these "hanky pankies" will not leave you (or your significant other) disappointed!

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.