HeatTech Long-Sleeve T-Shirt by UNIQLO ($19.99)

Rating: Cheap Thrills

The concept behind the UNIQLO HeatTech technology is something that makes you hopeful in the quality and what you might be getting for a great steal at its price point.  They come in a wide variety of colors and provide a snug and sexy fit, although if you've got breasts larger than the model in the above photo (like yours truly) I'd recommend getting a size up than what you would normally buy.

It was November in New York, right when it starts to get seriously cold, when I bought this long-sleeve tee in a gun-metal grey color, and I was super excited to pair it with jeans and my favorite pair of boots to go tromping around the city.  After exhaustingly testing its olfactory limits over the next few days, I washed it according to the UNIQLO instructions (wash cold with like colors, hang dry), and lo and behold, the "wear" that was left after the wash made it look as it I'd been wearing it every day for years.  Not sexy.

Six months later, I still have this shirt in rotation here and there, but I'm alway slightly embarrassed by how "used" it looks.  Oh well, it was only $19.99 after all.

... As worn by Katherine Hanson.