Going Back to Basics: What We're Loving to Wear This Fall (So Far!)

Amidst the tons of other lifestyle product reviews I've been featuring on the site lately (thanks to my very willing and enthusiastic contributors, that is!), I've had the hankering get back to our "fashion quality review" roots. 

So my fellow shetrusters, here's my brief hit list of what I'm loving so far for fall:

Second Denim Yoga Jeans: Jeans built for practicing yoga.  Yeah, you read that right!  And they're every bit as comfortable as you can imagine.  I purchased my pair (in a brilliant shade of chartreuse, no less) off of the sale rack at one of my favorite Charleston clothing stores, Out of Hand located in the Old Village.  They are about two sizes too big, but I don't care.  My days are no longer spent looking casually professional for the office and business meetings, but rather catering to the every need of my sweet five month-old baby boy.  So the added comfort via their loose fit gets top billing.  Now, I have yet to practice yoga in them, but judging by the awkward poses I've found myself in by caring for an increasingly mobile infant while wearing these jeans, I would expect nothing less than a perfect stretch from them.  I will add that rolling the cuffs and topping it off a slender belt makes for the perfect "boyfriend jeans" look.  Two styles in one, love it!


The Andie Chino from JCrew:  You know, I'm beginning to think that I should change the title of this post to "here's all the amazing things I've found on the sale rack of my favorite stores lately".  Oh well.  I'll let my "freak flag" fly as they say and continue on to tell you about another pair of my new favorite pants from JCrew that I also found on the sale rack for an AH-MAHzing $30....

ANYWHO.... if anything else, these pants are a testament to the wonderful things that you can find on the sale rack of your favorite stores if you have a little patience.  I came across these chino pants when I was actually searching through the famed store for a pair of skinny cargos to go with my "yes I'm a new mom but I can still look cool and put-together" look.  Instead, the sales associate pointed me in the direction of the Andies, which just so happened to be on major discount.  And in the hunter green color I was after.  And in my size.  If thats not a score, then I don't know what is.

In the time that I've had these pants, I've come to regard them as one of my most trustworthy pairs, which I wear when I want to look put together yet feel relaxed.  And I'm sure you'll feel that way about them too.  Hurry, and maybe you'll find them on sale too!

Long-sleeve tees from Groceries Apparel:  Another great find from one of my favorite places, Out of Hand.  And a do-gooder brand that I would have never known about if it weren't for their sale racked that I pillaged (yup, here I go again with the sale rack thing)... Now, $78 is way too much to pay for a lightweight long-sleeve tee like this, but at the 60% off discount I thought it well worth my while.  And I'm glad it was.  It provides the comfort that a long-sleeve tee is known for but its lightweight nature keeps you cool for those in-between cool and warm days of early fall.  I've loved wearing mine (which I found in white) paired with my chartreuse yoga jeans, with my favorite sandals or flats depending on the weather.  For a tee made with this light of a fabric (which is made of a fabric consisting of wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, called lyocell), it is surprising durable and sturdy.  I know I can trust my Groceries tee to handle even my most demanding days.


All things in yellow chartreuse.  My favorite color for fall.  Period. The End.