Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots ($140)

Rating: Trust It!

The Hunter rain boots.  Need I say more?  Of course they've earned a trust it rating.  These classic boots prove that they've earned their stylish and durable reputation by doing just what they've been designed to do: keeping your feet warm and dry during all forms of precipitation in a vast multitude of terrains.  

As for me, all I can say is that I should've bought these sooner.  You may have some initial sticker shock with their price (which is what prevented me from purchasing them years ago), but after owning these boots for six months (and during one of the roughest winters the South has seen in recent years, I might add), I can honestly say that I would happily pay twice that amount for boots that I can rely on this well.  I've practically lived in them during the six months that I've had them.  And aside from the mud and/or sand that has accumulated due to my laziness in keeping them clean, they are essentially no worse for (very extensive) wear.  Also, don't feel like you can only wear them in the rain (Angelenos, listen up!).  Its perfectly acceptable to wear these boots rain or shine, in temperate or frigid temperatures.  They work so well and look so good, why wouldn't you?

One slight word of caution: If you're planning to wear them in very cold weather or are going out into the snow, make sure you buy the wool inserts Hunter sells to wear with the boots for extra warmth.  I've rarely had cold feet with them on, but after one particularly cold and snowy day I wish I had sprung for the extra insulation.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.