Crystal-and-Pearl Pastiche Necklace in Bronze, J. Crew  ($50)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

Every year for Christmas, I always count on my fashion-informed sister to give me jewelry. She knows how bare my jewelry box is and has done her best to fill it -- probably so I’ll be less inclined to borrow from her! Several years ago, she gave me this necklace in bronze, which I adored from the start. I wore it no more than 10 times when to my dismay, one of the crystal chains broke apart. It now dangles incongruously beside the rest of the necklace, despite my attempts to weave it back in and rig it in place for the evening (can’t blame a girl for trying). 

For the price, I would have expected it to last a bit longer, but I’m rating it a “proceed with caution” because my sister owns the same necklace and it remains unbroken. I still occasionally don this necklace because I love the look so much that I’m willing to look a bit ragamuffin when the broken piece falls out of place.  Thats life on a budget!

... as worn by Katherine Caldwell.