Translucent Flower Necklace, JCrew ($55)

Ratings: Trust It!

Jewelry for me has always been a bit tricky.  Its a delicate balance of doing enough to feel like I'm wearing a bit of something without overdoing it.  Generally, I air on the side of "just don't wear it."  Minimalism is the name of my game.

Yet, this necklace has been a great addition to my usual routine of simple necklaces and sleek bracelets.  I've been able to continuously rely on it to add just a bit of bling and sparkle to any outfit without overdoing it and looking like a Vegas candelabra.   Its more expensive than what you would normally find a necklace like this priced at at some cheap Forever 21-like store, but with the quality that his necklace has displayed has been worth the extra $30 bucks.  It even survived a night at Booty LA - now that's impressive! 

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.