Knixy Boyshort by Knix Wear ($38.00)

Rating: Trust It!

Let's just say that I've had problems with underwear lately.  Since when did it become acceptable for our underwear to be of lesser quality standards than the rest of our clothing?  We're women, things happen, and our underwear should be able to hold up to the realities of being a woman.

Such is the founding mission of Knix Wear, the new company that has created three different lines of high-tech, multi-tasking underwear: KnixKnixy andFitKnix, all created to absorb and control odor and moisture (read more of ourinside scoop on Knix Wear).  Needing an addition to my collection of "special occasion" undies, I opted to try the Knixy line in their uber-popular boyshort style.

I'm happy to say that these panties really do deliver on their promise.  Even while mostly comprised of a skimpy fabric blend, the Knixy kept me dry and happy all day long, going from work to a date with my man.

With the extra protective gusset these sexy panties provide, you might think that it would be slightly uncomfortable or that "others" (those whom you share your knixy time with) may notice its extra protective layer, but in my experience the "padded" feeling was very minimal.  Never one to pass up spreading the word about a brilliant business idea, I filled my man in on the smart features of the undies when he commented on how much he liked their look.  He never would've guessed.

So now you're probably thinking, "ok sure they have great features, but they're priced at $38 per pair, so how durable can they really be? Is this just another expensive gimmick?"  First let me explain that I bear the heavy standard of critiquing the durability of every fashion item I own and holding them up to their price (and panties are no exception) so I was more than willing to put them through the ringer.  I'm here to tell you, the quality and durability they exhibit has not disappointed.  Plus, to assist in prolonging their life, every pair comes with a special bag for you to throw them in the washing machine (recommended hang or flat dry), which works magically.  One time my pair of Knixies was even thrown in the wash without its helpful little tote (men and their laundry habits) and they came out just fine and no worse for wear.  So yes, $38 is a bit much for a pair of underwear, but if all my sexy panties had this type of multi-functioning purpose and quality, then sign me up!

All in all, I love wearing my Knixies and I'm happy to see a company blazing a trail in making women's fashion and intimates become more applicable to our real-life needs.  Knix on, ladies!

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.