Leifsdottir Five Spot Lace Up Heels from Anthropologie ($198)

Rating: Empty Promises

Brand new, these heels seemed like a subtle way to express my creativity.  The luxe mixing of leather, suede, and touch of metallic trim, backed by the Leifsdottir name had me weak at the knees.  I had high hopes for these designer booties, which were sadly not met. 

I’ve worn these a total of three times and they’ve already met my trusty shoe repairman.  Each time I wear these booties, the gold trim tears like one of those $5 scratch-away lotto tickets. 

I adore leather boots and so I was sad to see these heels age after only the first wear.  Leifsdottir simply used too thin a leather to support the pull of the hearty leather shoelaces.

While this heel is no longer being sold in stores, Anthropologie still features Leifsdottir very often.  Be sure to be wary of thin leather and metallic paint jobs from this brand.

To the side is a photo of the boots fresh from the shoe repairman.  I now save these for valet’d dinners only.  These boots are not made for walking!

... as worn by Alessandra Horii.