I am a girl with a bit of “shape” and “curves” on her… I have “thunder thighs” as shetrusts founder Katherine and I would say, a shapely backside and a smaller waist. This makes it very difficult to find shorts & pants that fit just right. I have yet to find the “perfect” pair (which probably doesn’t exist anyway) but these Loft Riviera shorts are as close as it gets! Last Spring I bought a pair of these on sale and immediately feel in love. They are a little longer than the shorts I used to wear at 18, but not too long that they are like Bermuda shorts. However, they sell all different lengths (4 inch, 6 inch etc.). They fit in my waist and are not tight on my legs, yet they do ride up a little when I wear them but I think that’s more as a result of my body shape. Needless to say, I own 4 pairs and plan to buy more for this Summer/Spring time. They also have longer and shorter inseams to fit anyone’s style and body type! They are well-worth the $39 as they are a go-to in my closet, but they often go on sale so it is worth it to sign up for their email list and buy them on sale!  

... in the experience of Alana Dillette.