Lollacup Sippy Cup

Rating: Trust It!

As a rookie Mom I LOVE finding good products that make my life easier. It is so overwhelming and frustrating having so many things to choose from for every little thing imaginable having to do with your baby (first world problems I suppose). That being said, my first review for shetrusts will be on a sippy cup. Can I get a WOOP WOOP!

For all the other Moms out there you know the anxiety that comes with sippy cups.  As "ridic" as it sounds, you know it’s true. You start off my ordering a cup you think will work (mainly because it is cute, let’s be honest), then it when doesn’t work you order another one (because you saw another kid successfully drinking from it) thinking this will definitely be "the one" but then its isn’t. And then you order a few more all to no avail. Thank the world for the Lollacup.

I stumbled on this one before I even had my daughter. I had just found out that I was pregnant so I asked one of my hip "mom friends" to meet me for lunch so I could pick her brain about the baby stuff I needed and all the stuff I didn’t need or should avoid.  She brought her oh-so handsome one year-old son with her who had this cute cup in tow, aka the Lollacup. She told me that it was the best sippy cup she had used so far. The couple at the table next to us who had a young child even commented that they had been looking for a cup like.

So now onto why this sippy cup is so great:  it has a straw that is weighted. Sounds unnecessary and minor, but it is so handy because when your nugget is learning how to drink from a cup, and when they turn the cup all the way up to their cute face they are still able to drink their beverage because the straw stays in the bottom of the cup due to its weight. It also stays closed really well.  Another one of my favorite things about cup is that it is BPA and Phthalate-free. This is extremely important to me because I want to keep my baby as clean as possible for as long as possible so I try to avoid toxic chemicals whenever I can. Another thing worth mentioning is that the cup was created by a fellow Mother and is made here in the U.S.A.

As for the price, the cup weighs in at $16.00, which is steep for a cup but completely worth having as part of your sippy cup collection.

... in the experience of Sydney Armistead.