Run: Speed Shorts by Lululemon ($54)

Rating: Trust It!

Where I come from, those unflattering Nike running shorts are all the rage. So when I was looking to mix it up and maybe not look like an 80's workout video star, I turned to Lululemon, who won my trust by changing my life forever with their Ta-Ta Tamer.

And by investing a litte more money on running shorts than I normally would be comfortable doing, I was in love.  They're short, but not too short; they have movement, but don't ride up any farther than other running shorts (um, yes, I have normal thighs thank you very much).  The best part is their sexy cut, as we all know that finding flattering workout apparel that actually works is harder than that 1/2 marathon you've just signed up for. 

As far as the quality of the material and build goes, they seem near indestructible.  I've done a wide variety of exercise in these shorts, ranging from trail runs and Tracy Anderson classes to braving the treacherous aisles of Trader Joe's, thus earning many trips to the wash and (air!) dry.  And having once lost my car key on a trail, I'm super grateful for their stealth-like back pocket with a sturdy, "ain't going no where" zipper.  I will offer one word of caution: these shorts run small, so don't be embarrassed or deterred in the slightest when you have to go up a size to find a comfortable fit (it happens to everyone).

Sure, you may want to tread lightly with Lululemon's yoga pants, but you won't have that problem with their Run: Speed Shorts.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.