Pressley Pump in Nude by Michael Kors ($98)

Rating: Trust It!

Usually my brain equates “basic” with bor-ing, but I have to say these basic pumps have proved a useful addition to my wardrobe. They go with almost anything, making outfit planning effortless -- great for someone like me who disdains choosing outfits! These pumps have also gone the distance in terms of wear. I’m not easy on my belongings, especially footwear, but the patent leather of these shoes is still shiny with minimal scuffing or any other visible signs of wear. They aren’t the most comfy shoes, but this is coming from a girl who’d always rather be in slippers, so take that with a grain of salt, you high-heel aficionados! These pumps have lasted three years and I’m betting they’ll see a few more with the way they’ve endured thus far. A great basic buy!

... as reviewed by Katherine Caldwell.