Rating: Trust It!

We live at the beach (Folly Beach to be exact), so keeping our baby indoors and out of the sun (and therefore at least one parent out of the surf and off the beach) until six months of age when he could wear "normal" baby sunscreen wasn't an option. 

Unsure about the typical "rule of thumb" for sunscreens and young infants, I brought up the topic at my local infant massage class, and the instructor (who is also a registered infant care nurse) recommended I try these easy to apply sunscreen towelettes by MD Moms.  The sunscreen that saturates the wipes are ideal as they provide what they call a physical barrier for the baby's skin against the sun's rays (think the thick, old school zinc oxide) that is ideal for young infants, versus a chemical barrier like most sunscreens.  

I have to say that I've been quite satisfied with the product.  The towelettes really do make sunscreen application (which we all know can be a battle) a breeze.  And it dries quickly on my son's skin so I don't have to worry about it rubbing off onto my clothes or his BabyBjorn carrier before we step out the door.  But best of all it really seems to suit his skin, keeping it free of sunburn and irritation.  Plus, I love how lightweight the package is (a lot lighter than what a bottle of liquid sunscreen would be), which makes it much easier to tote around in the diaper bag.  An added bonus: it has a very pleasant smell for a sunscreen.

Now I have to admit I didn't do any additional research as to what other brands might also make a similar style of sunscreen that I could use on my two month-old son; however, I was quick to snatch up the towelettes by MD Moms as:  1. they came highly recommended by a trusted source, and 2. they were available for purchase right there in the maternity store where my infant massage class is held (thus eliminating a wild goose-chase around town to other stores trying to find a cheaper alternative with a 10-pound hungry baby in tow).  They are a bit pricey ($26) for what I would normally pay for sunscreen, but like I said, there was no second guessing as to whether or not they would be a safe option for my baby and they were conveniently available.  

So, my mommy (and soon-to-be mommy) friends, it is my recommendation that you keep this option in mind when deciding on the best sunscreen strategy for your little one.

... as used by Katherine Hanson.