I'm not a shopper who shops just to shop for things.  If I'm buying something, there are a lot of boxes that it needs to check.  Maternity shopping has been no exception.  Even if something is clearly marked as "maternity", I often don't like to buy it unless I feel that it will be able to fit into my post-baby wardrobe.

So when I found this top by Michael Stars, not only did I know how it would see me through the remainder of my pregnancy, but with its cute shape and retractable fabric I know that I will be able to wear it long after the baby arrives.  Even though it sits at the top end of my price range of what I would normally spend on a top like this, because of its dual personality I was happy to spend a little extra. 

Plus, this tee's quality and durability purposes run high as they use the same "shine" fabric in their maternity gear that is commonly found in their other lines of women's clothing.   I was very happy to discover that this brand is not one that uses one thing in their everyday line and then another structural quality and fabric in their more short-term maternity items.  Heck, I love the style of their "maternity" items so much I just might keep buying them in my after-birth life!

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.