Monrow Cuffed Fleece Sweat Shorts 

(purchased on sale for $50, original retail $90)

Rating: Empty Promises

I really love the concept Monrow is trying to get at with these shorts: comfy, sweat shorts with a tailored look that mischeviously mixes structure and comfort.  Seeing the apparant genius of it and thinking "wow, I could really use that in my life", I (thankfully) purchased them in mauve-grey at their much-discounted price at Intermix a few years ago.

Well, my friends, I'm sorry to say that nice "tailored" look doesn't last very long.  The back slit pockets are a particular disappointment as they started to really "droop" and separate after a few wears, and was certainly noticable after its first wash.  Another problem with the back of the shorts: the cuffed ends of the shorts, despite some reinforced stitching, have been continuously unfolding themselves as I've continued to wear them through the last few years.  Yeah, not a good look.  And after taking a good look at the condition of the fabric just now for this review, I wouldn't be surprised if I start to see some holes popping up.

Knowing the quality I received for these shorts for the price (and let me hear a round of hallelujah's that I didn't spring for them at $90!), I stamp them with "empty promises".  I still have sweatpants from my high school swimming days that are in better shape than these shorts.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.