I bought this shirt around the five month mark of my pregnancy out of feeling that I'd better buy some things now so that when I get to the point where I was starting to really need them, that I would have something to wear.  Essentially, to stock up on clothes so I wouldn't be in a blind panic later.  BuyBuyBaby was having a sale on maternity shirts, and these by Motherhood Maternity were buy one, get one 50% off.  So to spend now to save money later, I bought four of these shirts in neutral colors.  I've worn one the black one a handful of times, and I gotta say I'm not impressed.  Yeah, they're pretty practical to have when you're pregnant and they expand nicely to tailor themselves to a changing shape, plus they come at a pretty practical price.  But their poly/rayon/spandex blend material makes them feel very "cheap" to me and its not a very soft texture to have against my (newly) sensitive skin.  Also, the material has already started to pile, which I have no patience for normally but have a very short fuse for while pregnant.  And I repeat: I've only worn this shirt a handful of times, so I'm thinking that these shirts might have a "one baby lifespan."  Cheap thrills, you go it!

... as reviewed by Katherine Hanson.