Gesalyn Platform Sandals in Black Satin, Nina Shoes ($79)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

Purchased as the partners of the aforementioned Milly dress, these shoes have not measured up to the durability of their silky counterpart. I’ll admit that they lack the hefty price tag of my go-to wedding guest dress and I’ve worn them a bit more, but they’re worn down to cardboard on the forefoot soles – c’mon!   To top it off, they’re dreadfully uncomfortable and I can recall at least one wedding where I kicked them off and boogied barefoot, unable to bear the pain, but all-in-all I’ve been happy with them.  That is, until I began writing this review, as I noticed the dreaded brown hue that looks and feels like cardboard, readily evident along the sole (gasp)!  Nevertheless, my penny-pinching self will not be replacing these kicks as long as the damage stays concealed on the underside of the sole and because I do love the look of them (makes my size 10 feet not look so ski-like).  I just wish they’d have the durability to match the dress I love to pair them with! worn by Katherine Caldwell.