No7 Radiant Glow Concealer ($11.99)

Rating: Trust It!

You know when you have the lowest of low expectations of something and you just need something to "plug the hole"?  Welp, thats pretty much how I felt about this concealer by No7 when I first purchased it while on a business trip to San Francisco.  I was out of concealer, which I rely on mostly for concealing and brightening up my unreasonable under-eye circles, and I just needed something small and compact at a low price point to hold me over until I got back to my home base.

Yet two months after I purchased this concealer, I kept getting more and more impressed by the punch it was packing.  The concealer itself is great; its really follows through on all it promises and stays on like a champ throughout my long days.  

However what really causes me to sing the praises of this little stick is how long it has lasted.  Usually, my experience with these types of concealers is that they come at a less-than-reasonable price, the formula is nothing to write home about, and it runs out way sooner than it should.  I kept waiting for the day when I got to put it on and it fails to produce any more of its glorious product; out of pure cynicism, I even bought my usual "premium" concealer in anticipation of that happening.  Yet, day after day it kept proving me wrong, and when it finally released the last of its contents, I put it away feeling fully satisfied and happy to purchase it again.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.