NUUN Active Hydration Drink Tabs ($5 individually; $22 four-pack)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

I love my daily work outs. And I’m constantly on the lookout for nutritious ways to fuel up, both before and after.

I’ll confess, though: I’m not the biggest fan of plain old H2O. However, flavored water isn’t always cost-effective, and the sugar content in PowerAde defeats the purpose of exercising in the first place. What’s a girl to do?

This exact dilemma led me to discover NUUN. These sugar-free, electrolyte-enhanced tablets claim to “one-up your water” with all-natural vitamins and minerals.

Here’s how the process works: drop 1 tab into a bottle of regular H2O, and it will immediately start fizzing and dissolving – much like an Alka-Seltzer tablet – until the water’s color and flavor have been completely transformed. So, what you get is an energy drink without unwanted additives.

That’s the theory behind NUUN. Simple enough. But does it truly deliver?  

 First, the Pros:

  •  NUUN tablets are a legitimate source of Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.
  • NUUN tablets don’t contain any sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients
  • NUUN tablets claim to both hydrate and energize…and they do, in fact, keep their promise. I put a tab to the test after my work out this morning, and I can safely say that my thirst was quenched and my body refueled.

And now, for the Cons: 

  •  NUUN tablets aren’t calorie-free. While they only have 4 calories, – which, by no means, is anything to lose sleep over – it’s hard to overlook that regular water has zero.
  • NUUN tablets may not be worth their price tag. Each container holds 12 tabs, and they’re typically sold for around $5 at health stores – that’s about $2.40 per tab. You can also order a 4-pack from the website, but expect to shell out $22. I could snag a new pair of yoga pants for less.
  • NUUN tablets are an acquired taste. Depending on which flavor you opt for, – there are 12 choices…I went with Fruit Punch…not my best decision – gulping it down might be a struggle. The more I drank, the better it tasted, but I wouldn’t recommend Fruit Punch. 

 So, back to my original question: Does this product deliver? Yes, it does. NUUN guarantees electrolyte-loaded hydration, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. But does it deliver optimum results? Well, I’m not entirely convinced the quality reflects the cost. 

... in the experience of Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer.