Old Navy Linen-Blend Drawstring Shorts ($19.94)

Rating: Cheap Thrills

These shorts are currently serving as the foundations of my post-baby wardrobe.  

I delivered my baby at the beginning of May, right when the weather in Charleston was beginning to heat up (in fact, it was 90 degrees the day we brought him home from the hospital), and while I did manage to lose the majority of my baby weight within the first few days of giving birth, I'm still about ten pounds off of my usual pre-baby size.  And the only thing worse than knowing that you're carrying around more weight than what is typical and not being able to work aggressively to lose it (due to the physiology and diet requirements for breastfeeding) is having to go spend money on a new wardrobe to accommodate your new size.  Ugh

So, I was in the need of a few cheap and quick solutions to tie me over for the summer.  Old Navy was my first stop.  And their linen shorts were in the perfect colors (navy green and white, anyone?) and at the perfect price.  Their fit is loose and comfortable, which helps to take my mind off the fact that I'm not at my thinnest. I have pretty much lived in them this summer, and while they don't have what it takes to make my Trust It ratings list, they've held up well enough so that I can wear them day after day.  

FIngers crossed I won't be wearing them next summer! 

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.