Old Navy Pixie-Stretch Twill Shorts ($24.94)

Rating: Cheap Thrills

I purchased these form-fitting shorts as a part of my aforementioned post-baby wardrobe shopping trip so that I would have a pair of shorts that I can wear when I want to be a bit more casually "dressed up" (versus the uber-cas linen shorts).  I've loved wearing these shorts from time to time because of their stretchy, body hugging structure that shows off the good but conceals the bad.  The 3 1/2-inch length is perfect for my stocky legs and keeps from "riding upwards" when I walk (a hazard that comes with muscular thighs).  In the store, they come in the classic black, white, khaki colors but also in a playful cobalt blue that compliments a summer tan quite nicely (my favorite!).  

However, as with their linen contemporaries, their structural quality is not what I expect to last many more balmy seasons to come, making them perfect for their price.  Yet they sure have kept me feeling confident and relaxed during a summer spent with a little excess baby weight.  

So thank you, Old Navy, for designing a pair of shorts that keeps this mom cool and comfortable with her body while looking stylish for summer.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.