Welcome to shetrusts.com!

I founded shetrusts in early 2013 as a platform for women to share with one another what fashion and lifestyle products they trust as they go about their busy, multi-faceted lives.  As an ambitious, single young woman living in Los Angeles with nothing to lose, by sheer willpower and with the help of a team of passionate contributors the site achieved a significant amount of debuted success via the ability to pinpoint a powerful relevance to the lives of young women everywhere.

Then two wonderful things happened in my life that, truth be told, I hadn't planned on happening for another five to ten years that led me back to my Southern homeland: I met the man I wanted to marry and shortly thereafter found out that we were having a baby.  A plot twist, for sure!

So here I find myself in a new city, the unique and beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, and in the role of soon-to-be wife and mother.  In an attempt to balance my new place in life with my roaring professional ambition, I made the decision to pivot the site to focus on sharing personal stories of quality and authenticity that myself and others find throughout our lives, and endorsing the people who are taking a stand and making it all happen.  

Yet with these changes comes new opportunities and a deeper appreciation for other fashion and lifestyle products that millions of other women rely on frequently to fuel themselves and to nurture their growing families.  No longer will this site have more of a singular point of view on what may concern those who are single and childless, and yet while it is by no means my mission to create a maternity or child-rearing advice page, our readers can begin to find pre- and post-natal products and opinions beginning to be addressed here.  Because, quite frankly, I can only write what I know.  

And speaking of what I know, that also includes foodsurfingart, architecturedesign and yoga.  Just a few other common themes you can expect to find here.

Bottom line:  Quality, authenticity and substantial design is what rules here.  No matter your place on life's curve, it is my hope that shetrusts will fast become a place where you can turn to be inspired and find first-hand reviews of products that matter to you.

So join me in the pursuit of and exploring what I call the quality - driven life!


Katherine Hanson | founder, shetrusts.com