Piko Tunic Top ($32)

Rating: Trust It!

As my first of many reviews… I have chosen to share my deepening love for the most comfortable shirt I have ever owned!  On the rack, these tops look slightly shapeless & unflattering, but in this case you definitely shouldn’t judge a shirt by its "hanging" potential. After seeing a friend wearing one of these Piko tops, I immediately went to the store where she bought it and grabbed myself two different colors! The arms of the top are close fitting to make sure you still feel sexy while wearing it because the mid section of the shirt is very “flowy”.  And the fabric… ah it is OH SO SOFT! I have washed & worn my several times and they do not shrink or loose color. Also, these can be worn through the fall, winter, spring & summer… you can warm them up with a scarf & jacket or cool them down with some simple shorts! I love them so much sometimes I wear them at least twice before washing. You can dress these up with a cute scarf or flashy necklace for a night out on the town with heels, or keep it simple for a day of errands!  Seriously…every girl should have at least one of these in her closet.  So I say trust it, and buy two or three if you have the cash! I bought mine from a boutique for $32… a quick Google search should tell you where you can find one near you.

... as worn by Alana Dillette.