Avarca Pons ("PONS") Shoes ($120)

Rating: Trust It!

I have never written about shoes before but these kicks are worthy of a write-up. I bought my first pair of PONS four months ago. I was looking for a cute, versatile shoe that I could wear during the extremely hot Texas summer. After obsessing over which color to get (there are SO many cute & fun choices) I chose the Classic Brown because they would go with everything.

At first they were a bit tight around the toes but they quickly loosened up as they carried me through my busy days. PONS are so comfortable and I think they look better the more worn they become. Originally I had intended to wear them every once in a while but now they are my favorite, go-to, wear all the time shoes.

PONS are so versatile that I have worn them as my out on the town shoes, my schlepping to the grocery store shoes and my running around the West Texas dessert shoes.  

I will definitely be purchasing another pair for myself (maybe the gold ones?) and an adorable little pair for my daughter.


... as worn by Sydney Armistead.