My Friend Talisman Necklace by Pyrrah ($140)

Rating: Trust It!

My best friend gave me this necklace Christmas 2007. Ever since then, it has not left my neck, through sports, photos, showers, and everything in between. I go to bed with this necklace and serves as a talisman for everything (good luck, good thoughts, a reminder I have a wonderful and beautiful best friend). I would probably break down if I ever lost it. That being said, I don't take too great care of it. Need I remind you I shower with it, play sports wearing it, tug at it when I'm deep in thought? 

A few months ago, I accidentally broke the chain. I am lucky; my boyfriend lives basically across the street from their flagship store in West Hollywood. When I came in, they immediate gave me a new chain and sat me down for two hours chatting with me about life and offered me fruit. I broke their chain, got a replacement, and wonderful conversation with the manager Jo and her associate Zak. 

You don't get that type of treatment and care just anywhere these days and I'm so happy you can feel the craftsmanship from their wonderful pendants all the way to their service. It makes me pretty proud too: I'm from Vancouver originally and that is where Pyrrha is made. 

... as worn by Aimee Laurel.