In order to quickly communicate the level of quality and durability that you could expect from each of the fashion and lifestyle products reviewed here on shetrusts, the following user-friendly, straightforward ratings guide was created for you to use as your compass:

1.  Trust It!

This is considered to be our "Gold Standard"; if something has earned this rating, you know you can take it and run with it! 

2.  Proceed with Caution

This item seems to make some big promises (seems sturdy, well-made and durable, and the price isn't inexpensive but is not unaffordable) but has been known to let the reviewer down on occasion or falls short in certain ways.   

3.  Empty Promises

This is the product that comes with a lofty reputation and is a significant investment, but disappointingly falls very short of its "promises".   

4.  Cheap Thrills

These are the items that one does not really "invest" in, but are able to purchase at a low price point to fill a certain "trend" void or need in your wardrobe (i.e. sequined skirt or leopard print shirt, or whatever that is to you!)