Saddle Shoulder Bag from By Toni ($230)

Rating: Trust It!

I'm not a purse kind of girl. Currently, I possess two purses. It's more of practical thing. I usually ride my bike or carry around my DSLR so I need something that is comfortable and durable. I have cute backpacks, but I'll leave that for another review. 

A few months ago, I was at Unique LA in Downtown digging around in a By Toni sample sale box. Even though I'm not a purse girl, I'm always on the hunt. When I picked up Toni's Blue Leather Saddle Bag, my inner purse girl started dancing! Hardcore as if no one was watching. 

I've never seen a primary blue look so natural and soft on leather. The touch of the leather was addicting. Do you ever put purses on your face? Oddly, that's all I wanted to do! There wasn't any hardware which made the purse feel even more natural and comfortable on. The inside wasn't lined so you could feel the suede of the leather. 

By design, it is unstructured which makes it a beautifully simple shoulder bag. Big enough to fit my camera, wallet and phone. I don't even close the flap because it's big enough to just flop over. 

I've worn it almost everyday since I bought it and I love it. It's my go-to bag, even over the backpack! 

.... as worn by Jennifer Puno.