Gigi Sandal by Sam Edelman ($65)

Rating: Trust It!

Summer footware can be tricky sometimes, especially when you're trying to stay cool at your job.  The ususal closed-toe shoes just don't seem to cut it, and foot sweat is one of the fastest ways to ruin what might otherwise be a good shoe interior. 

Since I took the plunge with this sandal a few years ago, its been my go-to sandal to wear to work during the summer or when flip flops are just a too "casual" for a special summer occasion, and they've continuously been something to rely on season after season.  The classic black color of the straps compliment the brown tones of the soles work with both black and brown accessories, so you avoid the whole "what color do I go with" scenario.  Plus, their price point is accessible enough so you can invest in a few of their other fun colors you can match with your hard-earned summer tan.

The few pitfalls I've had with this shoe are minor and depending on your feet you may not even have these problems.  I have exceptionally narrow feet, so my continuous stretching of the leather straps to make them secure around my small ankles has caused them to expand a bit more than what is usually espected of leather.  The elastic straps on the buckle have also been sacrificed to the cause of secrue footware, but that has been swiftly corrected with a short visit to my favorite shoe repair man.

So, if you're looking for that "one and done" shoe for this summer (and next year and the years after) look no further.  To me, this sandal is right up there with the little black dress; it never goes out of style.

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.